did faceshapeapp help my photo by adding a smile?

(P.S. saying Yes and praising the website probably benefits you in the algorithm, there is a reason why most websites ask you to use cookies)

top photo is the "add smile" editor, still in beta version as of this post

bottom photo is original photo

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Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to improve it, you can see the teeth are a little messed up and eyes are also affected. Good news is, we're training a new algorithm which should be ready in 2-3 weeks, it should improve the results significantly, stay tuned! p.s. praising the site won't help you with the algorithm, we want to build a great product and acknowledging/fixing it when it fails is how we make it better, that's why we ask for feedback on the result page!
Replied by FaceShape · 443 · 1 years ago
yeah I know, it was a joke, thanks for replying
Replied by Obamasaurus · a· 102 · 1 years ago
That smile is terrifying.
Replied by washay6674 · a· 1744 · 1 years ago
You should try it again, we spent a lot of time improving it!
Replied by FaceShape · 443 · 1 years ago

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