Diamond face shape

Characteristics of diamond face shapes

They appear longer and angular. Widest at the cheekbones, they have narrower forehead and chin. It looks similar to an oval face shape, but is more angular.

Examples of diamond face shape
Hairstyles for diamond face shape

If you have a diamond face, you have a narrow forehead and chin and a long, angular face. The best hairstyles for you will widen the appearance of both your forehead and chin without making your face look longer. Women should choose a long hairstyle that adds width to the chin and forehead, such as a lob with side swept bangs. Men should choose a hairstyle that makes the forehead appear wider, such as a brush up, and consider getting a beard to fill out the chin area.

Glasses for diamond face shape

To balance angular features, you can try round or oval frames. Browline style frames can highlight the eyes and rimless glasses can also be a good choice.

Recommended glass shapes
round style glassesgood glass
browline style glassesgood glass
oval style glassesgood glass

Glass shapes to avoid
square style glassesbad glass
rectangle style glassesbad glass
Other face shapes
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