Looking for hairstyle advice to look more attractive yet professional at 40 years old

According to the face shape finder on faceshape.com, these were the results:

A mix of oblong and oval face shape

Defined jaw

Normal face length

Normal BMI

I did side parts for decades in my youth (all four men in my family did...). Then I had a messy/uncombed look that I tidied up with my hands for the longest time. Recently I started having trimmed and mid-ear length sideburns, which my wife likes on me, and I know they help with my face. My problem is I never know what to do up top. My sides are usually short and tapered, my sideburns are about .5 inches thick when trimmed, and the back is usually straight above the neck; I never know what to do with the top. According to hairdressers, I don't yet have a receding hairline.

I have pretty thin hair, though, and always have. That limits prospects for styles made for thicker hair.

I'm tired of looking like a teenager who's rolled out of bed and has barely put time into his hair. Even when I gel and play with my hair for a while, I don't know what looks good. I ask hairdressers, yet they never seem to know what to recommend.

Should I ditch the bangs?

Get a buzzcut for the first time in my life?

Should I gel everything to the side or the back?

The only thing I don't want to do is shave it all off (my wife doesn't want that, either)

I'm about 40 years old now and trying to look more attractive yet professional for my age.

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Business-Man Cut
Bowl cut
Brush Cut
Buzz cut
Caesar Cut
Comb Over
Crew cut
Frosted Tips
High And Tight
Hime Cut
Induction Cut
Jheri Curl
Long Hair
Low fade
Professional Cut
Short Back And Sides
Skin fade
Spiky Hair
Surfer Hair
Comma Hair
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I'd say current hairstyle is ok, but you should at least try buzzcut. It would look better.
Replied by Amber · ta· 8310 · 10 days ago
Id like to say the business man cut should apply
Replied by Fat123 · t· 172 · 10 days ago

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