What hair part do I suit more and what should I do with my hair??

I look awful with a middle part and I don’t want full bangs/fringe they are too annoying. I don’t know which side to part my hair on?

I took photos in three different lighting bc I feel like I always look so different in different lighting. One is inside in front of window, one outside in shade and one directly in front of sunlight.

First photo is real length of my hair. Don’t know what haircut/length will suit me either?

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Left Picture - Left Side Part
Right Picture - Right Side Part
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You should try adding some volume, it would balance out the broader forehead since you have a heart face shape. For length, you can keep it medium/long, but make sure it's at least until your shoulders.
Replied by Amber · ta· 8310 · 10 days ago

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