does he find me attractive? should i make a move

so there is this hot guy at my supermarket and everytime i walk in there im used to all the guys looking at me and stuff and but this guy who is very cute was stocking the selfs and he would look at me a bunch and turn away really fast when i look at him then he will look at me agian right after he only does this to me, this happed like 13 times when i was geting an icecream tub so it seemed he could not seem to take his eyes off me but also trying hard trying not to get caught looking at me at the same time lol, also he was with his friend who was working with him and they where talking to them selfs while giggling and smiling while they where looking at me and i could tell they where talking about me, plus when im at the cheek out to pay i see this girl always wisper to some of the guys and i think she is saying ''guys shes here'' or something but i dont know for sure cuz my hearing is not the best but thats what it sound they act kinda all act nervous when im around and i noticed some of the people who works shifts with him kinda jokeing and make fun of him when im there i know this girl there is always jokeing to the guys that steer at me and i hear her say ''u should talk to her hahahha'' do u think he kinds me attractive if so should I make a move??? ive been thinking what if i ask him something like if he can show me where the boba is are maybe kinda go from there idk but im scared

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Can you take a mirror pic? That is the best way to measure objective attractiveness. Selfies create distortions. Also, to answer your question....yes, if you think you have the balls.
Replied by washay6674 · a· 1318 · 9 days ago
yuh sure lol i will have to move my mirror into another room tho cuz my only mirror is crap rn, loll also why are u asking that on this post
Replied by sal · 170 · 9 days ago
yuhh haha I will try to but im not 100% thats he likes me tho so im just kinda scared
Replied by sal · 170 · 9 days ago

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