Whats my face shape & ethnicity?

I'm also curious about my skin type? Without moisturizer my skin feels slightly drier on the cheeks. But with it on, it get oilier especially with spf. I'm reducing my smoking by the way.

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ur face shape is def oval, and i think most people on here are American so I'm assuming ur African American cuz most people on here are from america however in my country nz you look like you can be from here or around here as someone who has lived here my whole life you def look like you could be Māori or from the Pacific Islands like Samoa Tonga or Fiji maybe even Hawaiian also in my country u will be considered very beautiful over here, as for you skin type im pretty sure you have Combination skin type cuz this skin type changes in areas that are dry as well as oily with the T-zone commonly being oily, and the cheeks being either dry or normal, this skin type can vary during different seasons of the year as well so the best thing for that skin type is starting off with a cleanser i recommend cerave its pretty good and a toner and moisturiser are the best for that skin type you dont have to do any of this if u dont want to haha this is just my suggestions haha but I would recommend buying from brands like the ordinary and cerave cuz they are really good quality and really affordable as far as skincare goes you can buy stuff from ordinary for around $12 or so pretty good price plus its really amazing results ive been useing if for a year now my skin used to be very flacky and dry and also superr oliy so after I did some research into products it really changed my skin and now it feels really smooth and glowly now and its pretty well rated as well as cerave also if you want a moisturiser the very best moisturiser for ur skin type is Neutrogena hydro boost gel cream and the best sunscreen for combination skin is one that has hydrating properties but is also oil free so pick a sunscreen that is specially formulated for combination skin
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