Image Collection
This page is meant to describe our image collection from our tools in plain terms, you can find our full privacy policy here.
What images do you collect through your tools?
When you use one of the tools, we upload the image to our servers for processing (for example, to find your face shape). For most tools, we also store a copy of the image for later use.
Why do you collect images?
Behind the scenes, we use machine learning models and algorithms to power FaceShape. These models require lots of data in order to be accurate (think hundreds of millions of pictures sometimes). As we feed in more pictures into it, it becomes better so that users like you can get more accurate results. We also use analytics to understand how people use our tools and to improve them. Occasionally, we may use our dataset to detect abuses of our platform and tools.
Do you sell my images?
No! We don't sell your pictures and we don't share it with external entities. We may occasionally hire data labelers to label a small sample from our dataset for our own purposes. Other than that, only the computer sees the pictures you upload.
What is data labelling?
As you can imagine, the computer doesn't understand pictures like we do. It needs to be told what it is looking at. Data labellers assign a label to a picture, for example, "this is a picture of a person's face". We use this information to train our models.
Where do you store the pictures?
The pictures are stored in our servers in the western part of the United States. We also use cloud service providers with appropriate security in place to store backups of our data. We may store encrypted copies of our data in Europe for redundancy purposes.
Can I opt out?
Yes, you can opt out of image collection by clicking the button below, but you will not be able to use the tools that require image collection anymore. Tools like face blur will still work as they don't require image collection.
In the future, as technology advances and devices become faster, we may be able to run our algorithms on your device instead of our servers, at which point we'll look into enabling these tools without image collection.
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